what we do

At Last Word Libations we offer a wide range of services that all tie into one thing; entertainment. Through extensive research and dedication, we can service a bar for any type of party or event from large corporate events to independent weddings and small gatherings. Our packages are designed to offer insight into our pricing, where further discussion would be used to tailor costs to your specific event. 

Our package prices include any permits required for the event, alcohol, necessary groceries, the labour involved in setting up, serving, and tearing down the bar, and glassware. Alcohol costs are calculated on a per guest basis. 


How we do it


Our packages are priced in such a manner to include all labour involved with serving the relevant number of guests. Alcohol costs are calculated on a per-guest basis and for $35 include any spirits, wines, or beer you wish to have available, any needed groceries (citrus, soda, straws, etc.), as well as glassware. 

As our services are oriented towards customization, package prices are open to change as certain elements may or may not be necessary for the event you wish to promote.